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// Exchange incoming students

IUT A Lille is engaged in various exchange programmes for students and academic staff with 70 partner universities in Europe (Erasmus+ including Russia) and several higher education colleges: 5 in Canada and 8 in Japan. Other cooperation agreements concern ADIUT partners (technological colleges) such as Mexico (Mexprotec), China, Gabon, Thailand, Vietnam and SFERE (Malaysia).

Students who wish to come to IUT A must be nominated by their home institution. Their names and email addresses should be sent to the international office. After a confirmation message from our side, nominated students will receive the link to the on line application procedure and our information package in order to prepare their stay. Applications should be submitted to the International Office of IUT A through their home institution.

Our contact details:

International office
IUT A de Lille
BP 90 179, Cité scientifique

Phone: +33 3 59 63 21 07

// Deadlines for nominations and applications

15th May (autumn semester and full academic year)

1st November (spring semester)

// Academic calendar

• Autumn semester: beginning of September – mid-January
• Spring semester: early February – end of June (including training placement)

A French intensive course is intended for incoming students at IUT A. It is a welcome session adapted to the European Framework of Reference for languages and taking place upon arrival of all students in September and February. It is followed by an extensive course of 2 hours per week which lasts until the end of each semester.

// Studying programmes

All the departments of IUT A have programmes taught in French except for the Business Studies department which offers modules in English for incoming students. In order to complete their Learning agreement students are asked to make a provisional choice of modules from the lists below and the final changes will be made with their academic coordinator upon arrival at IUT A.

Business studies Modules (in English):
Business administration for Erasmus students autumn 2016

Modules in the other departments (in French):

A B1 level is required for attending lectures in French, but students may choose to carry out a final project in English in a university laboratory.

Students who wish to achieve their final project work should send us a covering letter which clearly shows their interests so that we could find them a suitable supervisor.

// Practical information

Students who wish to be assigned a buddy student to pick them up at the station and help them with administrative issues may contact ESN Lille.

In order to get an overview of our programmes, campus life, student facilities and cultural opportunities students may visit the following links:

Studying guide in English

// Contact

Phone : +33 3 59 63 21 07

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