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// Rail transport maintenance

// Introduction and objectives of the course

This vocational degree is designed to provide students with specific skills in maintenance. The course lays the emphasis on the new security, reliability and efficiency requirements in the transport materials and infrastructures. Subjects include electricity, electrical engineering, management and communication. Students are also required to improve their organizational skills in order to be able to supervise team work and manage technical projects. This vocational degree aims to train People who can rapidly enter the job market and are flexible enough to meet the economic needs and manage the new technologies.

Professionals and industrialists are involved in the teaching of many courses so that the students can be acquainted with the job market requirements. The former also provide support before and during the work placement and supervise tutored projects.

They learn to:

  • Conduct the maintenance and manage the planning department
  • Improve material performance (reliability, efficiency…)
  • Supervise technicians and workers and liaise with engineers
  • Devise technological solutions with the customer
  • Take part in the development of new supervision strategies

// Admission requirements

The course is eligible for students who have completed the fourth semester of a degree in a similar subject and other undergraduate degrees (BTS or DUT) or another diploma Level III. People not being holder of these qualifications can be admitted after accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL).

Admission is granted after assessing the student’s application form, and the applicant’s skills and motivation. This course is open to students taking vocational training schemes able to attend a full-time schedule.

// Course structure and content

The course is divided into three parts: general education, scientific and technological education and professional education.

The structure of the course consists of 470 hours of tutorials, 120 hours of tutored projects and a 15-week industrial placement. 30 hours are also devoted to an integration module. It represents a year of 60 ECTS.

Module 1: 12 ECTS Module 2: 11 ECTS
General education: communication, English, corporate management and project, law and economics Maintenance of rolling stock and fixed materials: organization and maintenance methods, analysis and maintenance of rolling stock and fixed materials, maintenance and logistical policy
Module 3: 15 ECTS Module 4: 22 ECTS
Guided transport technology: functional analysis of materials and power transmission, electrical energy in fixed and moveable equipment, electronics of embedded systems and communications Professional education: tutored project, conferences and industrial placement (15 weeks)

// Career prospects

There are excellent job prospects in rail transport (trolleybus, underground, train…) and in other maintenance fields as works maintenance manager, maintenance consultant, electronic maintenance technician, logistics manager, electronic quality control technician…

Our main industrial partners (SNCF, Alstom, Eurotunnel, Transpole, RATP, Bombardier, Ségula…) are thoroughly involved in the training.

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