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// Packing techniques

// Introduction and objectives of the course

Companies are regularly called upon to adapt and change their packaging. In this context, this vocational bachelor’s degree aims to train in one year professionals specialized in packaging innovation, capable of implementing all stages of design to achieve packaging and adapt to major user sectors and taking the environment into account.

Graduates are able to:

  • Lead and control a manufacturing process, a production or packaging line and manage the control and quality progress of the production
  • Set up and maintain automated production systems
  • Develop technological solutions with the customer
  • Negotiate the sale or purchase of products or services
  • Participate in developing new strategies for quality management of production
  • Manage an operational team through communication and organization
  • Follow an international business relation

// Admission requirements

The students eligible for the course are:

  • Undergraduates with a BTS (industrial product design, mechanical and industrial automatisms, technical engineer assistant, industrial maintenance, industrialization of mechanical products, electrical engineering, industrial computing and networking services)
  • Undergraduates with a DUT (mechanical engineering and industrial automation, electrical engineering and industrial computing, industrial engineering and maintenance, industrial logistics quality and organization)
  • Students who have completed the first 4 semesters of the general science and technology degree in mechanics / mechanical engineering / civil engineering (course choice mechanics, mechanical engineering course) or the general science and technology degree, mention electronics / electro technology / automation (industrial production route)

Admission is granted after assessing the student’s application form, and the applicant’s skills and motivation after taking an interview and writing a covering letter.

// Course structure and content

This course consists of 60 ECTS (european credits transfer system) spread over 2 semesters and taught at two sites: IUT A of Lille and LICP of Tourcoing.

46 % of the core subjects are provided by industrial partners.

S5: 30 ECTS
TU 1: 7 ECTS – technical and business English, communication techniques
TU 2: 8 ECTS – the world of packaging (current, opportunities), vocabulary and packing techniques, scientific knowledge, recycling materials and rates, printing techniques, manufacturing processes, eco-design
TU 3: 8 ECTS – the process (automation, mechanization), packaging tools (automation, industrial networking, maintenance), safety and ergonomics
TU 4: 7 ECTS – analysis of production (productivity, waste, value analysis), supply chain, quality assurance (traceability, certification)
S6: 30 ECTS
TU 5: 7 ECTS – European legislation and marketing, company and labour law, packaging and packed products, legislation, business management, product and services management (purchase, sale)
TU 6: 4 ECTS – project leadership and marketing, concepts of project management (actors, organization, constraints), operational management (conflict management, team leadership)
TU 7: 7 ECTS – tutored project
TU 8: 12 ECTS – internship either in France or within the Erasmus programme (12 to 14 weeks)

// Career prospects

Graduates will be employed by manufacturers of packaging and accessories or by packaging users.

Many graduates can work as:

  • manufacturing or production line manager
  • technical staff member for quality control
  • packaging design office manager
  • packaging buyer
  • head of regulatory and standardized follow up
  • travelling salesman

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