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// International trade assistant manager

// Introduction and objectives of the course

Hauts-de-France is a region with a long industrial history which managed to cope with globalization thanks to the development of many distribution companies: mail order sales, large retail chains and more recently, clothing and sports companies as well as home improvement stores… Many companies have specialized or expanded their activity abroad and gained a significant foothold, mainly in the food industry market.

The course aims at training graduates in the following fields:

  • Globalization: languages, negotiation, civilization…
  • International management methods
  • The supply chain (supplying, freight, storage, distribution)
  • Working with other countries outside the EU (which involves specific knowledge of customs clearance formalities for example)

// Admission requirements

The student must practise foreign languages, understand foreign mentality and international management systems.

Skills in English will be assessed by an achievement test. Courses in a second foreign language are available for all levels, especially in Dutch. The course is aimed at DUT or BTS graduates in this field.

Admission is granted after assessing the student’s application form, and the applicant’s skills and motivation.

// Course structure and content

S5: 30 ECTS
TU 1: 10 ECTS – international civilization and general culture, international management and cultural, global economic geography
TU 2: 11 ECTS – international communication, new information technologies, foreign languages 1 & 2
TU 3: 9 ECTS – international relations, international marketing and distribution
S6: 30 ECTS
TU 4: 8 ECTS – international trade techniques, international logistics, international transport and customs
TU 5: 7 ECTS – international environment
TU 6: 4 ECTS – tutored project
TU 7: 10 ECTS – internship (15 weeks)

// Career prospects

There are excellent career opportunities in international logistics.

The jobs targeted by this training scheme are:

  • logistics assistant,
  • international buyer,
  • export manager,
  • international freight supervisor,
  • personal assistant in multinationals…

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