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// Inspection, monitoring and preventive maintenance of industrial facilities

// Introduction and objectives of the course

The vocational bachelor’s degree “industrial transformation” aims to train professionals in the inspection, monitoring and conditional preventive maintenance, operational and capable of integrating directly within an existing organization or setting up an organization with the required monitoring.

The training aims to make these professionals independent and adaptable to any type of company with concerns about the availability and security of their facilities. The vocational bachelor’s degree touches a broad career field, because it includes all the corporate training companies without being limited to chemistry or petrochemical industry. This extended field of competence is related to the fact that many of the methodological and technical tools are common across these sectors. They can be used either by inspection services, or by industrial control companies, or by maintenance services, or by companies which provide services in industrial maintenance.

// Admission requirements

This degree is opened to:

  • Students who have successfully completed the 2nd year in an industrial degree
  • Students who have completed the first four semesters of the degree of the sciences and technology or engineering domain
  • Graduates of the DEUST of the industrial domain
  • Graduates of the DUT (industrial engineering and maintenance, electrical and industrial computer engineering, mechanical and production engineering)
  • Graduates of a vocational BTS (industrial automation, industrial maintenance, electrical engineering, industrial and automatic control, mechanics and industrial automation, technical engineer assistant)

The selection is based on an application dossier containing a cover letter and the transcript of records.

// Course structure and content

The student has three “large areas” of training, which are: general training, scientific and technological training and vocational training.

S5 & S6: 60 ECTS
TU 1: project management
TU 2: eco-design, methodology for implementing a monitoring system, prevention of industrial risk
TU 3: regulation of construction and industrial monitoring, strength of materials, choice of materials, fracture and fatigue, assembly techniques
TU 4: vibratory monitoring, vibratory analysis, applied mathematics
TU 5: detection oriented non-destructive control tools and analysis of material defects, CND tools, radiation protection
TU 6: detection oriented non-destructive control tools and other operation related defect analysis, lubricant monitoring, thermometry
TU 7: tutored project
TU 8: internship (15 weeks)

// Career prospects

The graduate can join the internal maintenance department of a company or in a service providing company in industrial maintenance.

  • Assistant engineer of the inspection services: in chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Assistant engineer in non-destructive monitoring: they are recruited by different organizations and monitoring companies
  • Assistant engineer in conditional preventive maintenance: vibratory monitoring, monitoring of lubricants, monitoring of the overheating of electrical equipment

// Partnerships

The partnership with the professional world has existed for more than fifteen years. It is part of a total quality approach.

This vocational bachelor’s degree results from the joint efforts of the University of Lille – science and technology, lycée Béhal of Lens and the representatives of various stakeholders in the field of inspection, monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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