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// Innovative textiles

// Introduction and objectives of the course

The aim is to train executives with indepth knowledge of textile products. The training is partly provided by our industrial partners as: Onera, Pronal, Dickson Constant, Potencier Broderies, Tibtech…

The training is completed by special events (Fetex), exhibitions (TechTextiles) and many company visits. There is a strong partnership between IUT A and the ENSAIT of Roubaix, which received the support of the managerial branch (UIT Nord) and the textile companies association (ClubTex).

// Admission requirements

The students eligible for the course are:

  • Students with a two-year undergraduate degree in related subjects (industrial product design, mechanical processes, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering)
  • Students who have successfully completed the fourth semester of a scientific and technological degree

Admission is granted after assessing the student’s application form, and the applicant’s skills and motivation after taking an interview and writing a covering letter.

// Course structure and content

S5: 30 ECTS
TU 1: communication skills
TU 2: project management
TU 3: basic textiles
S6: 30 ECTS
TU 4: design of innovative textiles
TU 5: product management
TU 6: tutored project
TU 7: internship (14 weeks)

// Career prospects

Many graduates can work as: technical executive, industrial engineering executive, manager…

The targeted sectors are: medical textiles, geotextiles, civil engineering, textile distribution…

// Contact

Tel: + 33 3 62 26 82 68 / 70

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Address: IUT A de Lille – Département GMP – BP 90179 – 59653 Villeneuve d’Ascq CEDEX – FRANCE

// Location

CREST, Le Recueil, rue de la recherche, Villeneuve d’Ascq