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// Safety and quality in the health care practices

// Introduction and objectives of the course

The aim of this course is to train people able to restore the consumer’s or hospital patient’s confidence and ensure safety and quality for the services provided. There is an increasing demand for qualified executives (bachelor’s graduates) in these fields. In France and Europe, the food and the health care industries have been made aware of quality and safety in their services.

In order to meet these expectations, IUT A of Lille in partnership with institut Pasteur de Lille has created this vocational degree called management of organizations. This degree can be completed in one year and includes two specialities either on food or health care practices.

// Admission requirements

The students eligible for the course are:

  • Full-time students: second-year students who have completed the fourth semester of an undergraduate degree in biology, food, microbiology and related BTS, DUT or another diploma level III and after accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL).
  • People doing in-service training schemes (employees, job seekers, housewives) who want to graduate from the course.
  • Students taking the in-service training scheme able to attend a full-time schedule.

Admission is granted after assessing the student’s application form, and the applicant’s skills and motivation.

// Course structure and content

Food safety and quality Safety and quality in the health care practices
TU 1: quality management
TU 2: financial business
TU 2EC3: management TU 2EC3: health-care structures funding
TU 3: English, communication
TU 4: food safety 1 TU 4: quality in the health care practices
TU 5: sensory analysis TU 5: medical waste management
TU 6: tutored project 1
TU 7: scientific and statutory health monitoring
TU 8: food quality control TU 8: quality in the health care practices 1
TU 9: food safety 2 TU 9: quality in the health care practices 2
TU 10: complementary module
TU 11: tutored project 2
TU 12: internship either in France or abroad (14 weeks)

// Career prospects

The job opportunities after completing the course are quality consultant and quality trainer.

Many food safety and quality graduates work as quality manager or assistant, certification assistant or manager, hygiene assistant in food industries.

Safety and quality in the health care practices work as quality executive, internal/quality certified auditor, healthcare waste manager, quality manager in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and old people’s homes…

This vocational degree also enables graduates to join a teaching training college and sit for the CAPLP2 or CAPES (competitive teaching examinations).

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