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// Development and internet/intranet administration

// Introduction and objectives of the course

This vocational bachelor’s degree aims to train highly skilled programmers able to develop and administer software architectures related to the implementation of Internet websites, ranging from software development to the administration of computer networks, discussions with the actors of the information system and the project manager/customer interface.

// Admission requirements

Applicants will first be shortlisted and then selected after testing their skills and motivation.

The course is eligible to students with a DUT in computer science with a sound knowledge of software design and programming.

It is eligible to students with a DUT or BTS in computer science, to students in the computer science bachelor’s degree course who have successfully validated 4 semesters, and to wage-earners with a few years’ experience in the field of programming and analysis.

Admission is granted after assessing the student’s application form, and the applicant’s skills and motivation.

// Course structure and content

The course is split over three periods and consists of 460h of tutorials, 200h of tutored project and a 3-month placement.

A significant part of the curriculum is devoted to our corporate partners’ interventions.

S5: 30 ECTS
TU 1: 6 ECTS – software engineering
TU 2: 6 ECTS – basic knowledge in databases and web
TU 3: 6 ECTS – operation systems (systems, network, security)
TU 4: 6 ECTS – mathematics (statistics, cryptography)
TU 5: 6 ECTS – expression and communication skills, project management, English, web marketing, corporate culture (level 1)
S6: 30 ECTS
TU 6: 10 ECTS – expression and communication skills, project management, English, web marketing, corporate culture (level 2)
TU 7: 10 ECTS – professionalisation
TU 8: 10 ECTS – projects and work placement (12 weeks)

// Career prospects

Many graduates can work as:

  • web developers,
  • systems administrators,
  • data base administrators…

The targeted sectors are digital services, scientific and technical activities, communication and information, financial and insurance activities, commercial activities.

// Contact

Tel: + 33 3 59 63 22 20 / 21

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Address: IUT A de Lille – Département informatique – BP 90179 – 59653 Villeneuve d’Ascq CEDEX – FRANCE

// Location

IUT A, campus Cité scientifique, avenue Paul Langevin, Villeneuve d’Ascq