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// Computing and industrial networks

// Introduction and objectives of the course

The course aims at training executives knowledgeable in fundamentals, basic technological skills and the tools/methods necessary for the definition, implementation and development of processes in the fields of micro and industrial computing. The emphasis is laid on:

  • in-depth fundamentals and technological skills related to technical training in the field of professional computing
  • the learning and developing of autonomy and team work
  • the good command of the tools and methods necessary to face the rapidly evolving computing activities

The networks and telecommunications vocational training offers employment opportunities for second-year university undergraduates (DUT, BTS and DEUST), for students who come from the 4th semester of a scientific or technological degree and for graduates with a scientific or technological diploma (level III in computing).

There is a certain international dimension: Students can carry out their training period abroad. Teachers will help them in their research and in obtaining grants in partnership with the department of international relations of IUT A.

// Admission requirements

Admission is granted after assessing the student’s application form, and the applicant’s skills and motivation.

// Course structure and content

The Networks and telecommunications vocational degree is composed of 440 hours of tutorials, 160 hours of tutored projects and a 12-week industrial placement. The 440 hours of tutorials are divided into 120 hours dedicated to professional practice (English, communication, project management) and 320 hours of academic courses.

S5 & S6: 60 ECTS
TU 1: 6 ECTS – design of software (structured and object-oriented programming)
TU 2: 6 ECTS – computer architecture, microprocessors and interfaces (microsystems, real-time systems)
TU 3: 6 ECTS – systems management – industrial networks supervision
TU 4: 6 ECTS – project management and communication
TU 5: 6 ECTS – integration project
TU 6: 6 ECTS – information systems
TU 7: 4 ECTS – English
TU 8: 8 ECTS – technological projects
TU 9: 12 ECTS – work placement (12 weeks)

// Career prospects

  • Computer engineer
  • R&D technical executive network
  • Technician, network
  • Architect
  • Mobile resources manager
  • Network program designer…

// Contact

Tel: + 33 3 59 63 21 91

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IUT A, campus Cité scientifique, avenue Paul Langevin, Villeneuve d’Ascq