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// Chemistry

// Introduction and objectives of the course

The chemistry department at IUT A of Lille offers a vocational course on a fulltime basis as well as under continuing education or apprenticeship schemes. This course has both theoretical and practical objectives: it aims at training highly skilled technicians, direct aides to engineers or researchers, in all the fields of chemistry and chemistry-related industries: research, development, production, analysis and control.

The DUT graduate in chemistry must be able to implement the engineer’s ideas and to act as the interface between the engineer and the workers. Adaptability to different fields of activity, special concern with environmental issues and quality processes are key aspects of the course.

// Course structure and content

In full-time initial education, the course is run over 60 weeks over the 2 years, with an average workload of 30-hour class contact per week.

1st YEAR S1: 30 ECTS
TU 1.1: 17 ECTS Technology and chemistry: chemistry – basic techniques, inorganic & organic chemistry, analytical chemistry
TU 1.2: 13 ECTS General and scientific education: communication skills, metrology and electricity, computing, personal and professional project
S2: 30 ECTS
TU 2.1: 17 ECTS Analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, practical work: chemistry – basic techniques, inorganic chemistry
TU 2.2: 13 ECTS Communication, English, tutored project, practical work: physics – optics, mathematics, computing
2nd YEAR
S3: 30 ECTS
TU 3.1: 19 ECTS Practical work: analytical chemistry, inorganic & organic chemistry, chemical engineering
TU 3.2: 11 ECTS Professional communication, maths, English, tutored project, AC electricity
S4: 30 ECTS
TU 4.1: 8 ECTS Chemical engineering, practical work: analytical chemistry, industrial materials, green chemistry
TU 4.2: 10 ECTS Professional situations, communication, chemometrics/quality/first aid, electronics
TU 4.3: 12 ECTS Internship (10 weeks)

// Career and study prospects

The most successful graduates can apply for further studies in chemistry to most of the engineering schools (écoles d’ingénieurs) in France: ENS, INSA, ENSAIT, ESTIT, ITECH.

Graduates of this course can find excellent employment opportunities in the following industrial areas:

  • Chemical and chemistry-related industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Petroleum and petrochemical industries
  • Protection of the environment (water, air, soil, waste recycling)
  • Rubber
  • Food industries
  • Glass and ceramic industries
  • Textile industries

// Contact

Tel: + 33 3 62 26 82 60 / 90

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Address: IUT A de Lille – Département chimie – BP 90179 – 59653 Villeneuve d’Ascq CEDEX – FRANCE

// Location

CREST, Le Recueil, rue de la recherche, Villeneuve d’Ascq