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// Analysis, control and expertise in chemistry

// Introduction and objectives of the course

The vocational degree in chemistry and pharmaceuticals provides the students with in-depth knowledge of chemistry. The course aims to give the students an outstanding professional command of analytical chemistry and laboratory practice.

// Admission requirements

The students eligible for the course are:

  • Students who come from BTS and DUT in related subjects
  • Students who have completed a secondyear industrial degree
  • And, as the case may be, students who attended a two-year intensive course preparing for competitive entrance examinations in chemistry after accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL).

This course is also open to students taking the in-service training scheme able to attend a full-time schedule. Admission is granted after assessing the student’s application form, and the applicant’s skills and motivation.

// Course structure and content

This vocational training is composed of 60 ECTS divided into two semesters.

Module 1: 12 ECTS Module 2: 11 ECTS
General education : mathematics, English, management, communication Separative and non-separative analytical methods : NMR, UV/Visible, IRFT, Raman, AAS, ICP, MS, chromatography GC, HPLC, HRPC, TLC, CE, VOC, soil, air, water
Module 3: 15 ECTS Module 4: 22 ECTS
Method validation: metrology, method validation, sampling, handling HSEQ, GMP, GLP, formulation, cosmetics Vocational education: conferences, tutored projects, corporate training

// Career prospects

The successful graduate can work as an assistant engineer with a speciality in analytical chemistry, expertise, quality and process control. S/he will work in a laboratory where s/he will be in charge of the analyses and control of physical and chemical quality during the production process. Job prospects are excellent in private or public research laboratories and in international industrial companies involved in organic chemistry. Graduates can apply for a master’s degree.

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Tel: + 33 3 62 26 82 60 / 90

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Address: IUT A de Lille – Département chimie – BP 90179 – 59653 Villeneuve d’Ascq CEDEX – FRANCE

// Location

CREST, Le Recueil, rue de la recherche, Villeneuve d’Ascq